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The Townsville Power Station project involved upgrading Transfield’s existing peak load 150 MW Open Cycle Gas Turbine to a base load 230 MW Combined Cycle. The project involved the installation of a Hitachi Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG), a Siemens 80 MW steam turbine and alternator set, installation of a cooling tower and upgrading

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Cooling Water Management
A cooling system is critical to the productivity and profitability. ICES can offer complete service and chemical support ensuring your system operates at its optimal efficiency with minimal water and chemical losses.

Mining Support
Correct water treatment is of paramount importance to a mining operation. Mining activities are typically large consumers of water and produce large volumes of potentially hazardous waste water. Process streams can become saturated with minerals, forming tenacious scales through the process circuit which can then be difficult and costly to remove.

Filtration Consumables
Filters are being used in a vast range of applications in both the domestic and industrial markets. Filters are increasingly used on domestic water supply to remove suspended solids, bacteria and virus as well as chlorine and organics.

Ion Exchange
Demineralisation and ion exchange are core strengths of ICES, with over 200 years combined experience. ICES can optimise a demineralisation plant, supply all resins and plant components. We are agents for Graver Technologies, makers of ultra-high grade resins used in critical applications. Graver Technologies are world leaders in Pre-Coat filtration

Chemical Cleaning and Passivation
Cleaning and passivation is essential to achieve long term, maintenance free operation of cooling and steam systems. ICES have the experience, equipment, metallurgical background and chemistry required to chemically clean and passivate complex industrial systems.

Performance Monitoring
Plant operators are required to produce more from existing equipment while at the same time as reducing operating expense. This requires continued plant optimisation. ICES have developed the experience and expertise to provide customers with a diverse suite of optimisation services to bring about these improvements.

Online Desludging
Legionella control of cooling towers is becoming an increasing issue with plant and utilities operators today. Relevant standards, such as AS/NZ 3666:2002 require a cooling tower be cleaned at least every six months as part of responsible legionella risk management.

Power Station Support
ICES was birthed in the Power Industry and have gained extensive experience in all forms of high pressure boiler water treatment, demineralisation and polishing systems, including powder coat polishing technologies.