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Over the past nearly 40 years, GRANOR? has supplied nearly 1,000,000 lineal metres of Slipjoint to projects throughout Australasia, South East Asia, the Far East, and Middle Eastern countries. The current SJJ Series Slipjoint is the result of continuous d

Slipjoint Application Areas
Corbel/slab interfaces where a low friction sliding interface is required. Granor Slipjoint provides a predicable low co-efficient of friction at the interface. Between the corbel and the slab.

Centralized Load Transfer
Ensures that the load transfer is correctly through the centre of the corbel, eliminating any chance of fretting of the corbel edge due to settlement and / or rotation of the slab.

Rotational Capability
The very nature of the centralized elastomeric bearing strip automatically provides load transfer to the corbel away from the edge of the seating. Live load rotation / deflection of the slab or deflection by means of settlement of adjacent columns/walkways/walls/piers, fretting of the concrete is eliminated by the use of GRANOR Slipjoint.

Continual shortening and / or thermal movements of the slab can build up until slippage occurs at the rough concrete interfaces complete with a creaking or cracking sound. Such is eliminated by the use of the noiseless SJJ Slipjoint. Important in quiet buildings such as recording studios, hotels, hospitals, or funeral parlors.

Marking / Labeling
In order to easily identify supplied items, part numbers and intended location of the product, is clearly marked by way of part number and installation location.

Offset Designs
Slipjoint can be supplied with the stainless steel top offset compared to the elastomer bearing strip thus providing for what is typically greater shortening due to shrinkage and thermal contraction than expansion.

Cutting to Length on Site
Can be cut to length on site however it is recommended that Granor supply units of the exact length required.

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RTA-NSW Compliant Bearing Strip and Pads, Series RTA
Are individually pressure moulded as required per Clause 2.1 in the RTA Specification B280. NATA compliance certificates or equivalent, as required per Table B280.2 are supplied.

Granor RJWatson Disk Bearings - Series DSK
Granor is a licensed manufacturer of RJWatson Disk Bearings. Used since the 1970s, disk bearings in the United States are progressively extending their dominance over more dated pot bearing technology. By ordering from Granor there are the benefits of local manufacture combined with access to current generation technology.

GRANOR Elastomeric Bearing Pads & Strip, Series BS
Generically referred to as an ?un reinforced? Bearing Pad or Bearing Strip, they are pressure moulded from a high quality Natural Rubber of 60 IRHD hardness.
NATA Certification, or equivalent, on Hardness, Tensile Strength, Compression Set and Ozon

Granor Elastomeric Laminated Bearings
Granor? Elastomeric Laminated Bearings are designed for use in bridges and similar types of structures where a load bearing element capable of supporting a vertical load, with potential misalignment between surfaces, (rotational effect) plus relative hori

GRAFAB Reinforced Fabric Bearings Pads
GRAFAB? material is composed of multiple layers of the highest quality cotton-polyester fabric duck impregnated with oil resistant synthetic rubber.

FiberLast ROF Reinforced Fabric Bearing Pads
FIBERLAST is manufactured from a high quality ozone resistant elastomer combined with synthetic fibres which provide an elastomeric bearing pad having characteristics mid way between a plain un reinforced bearing pad, and the fabric re-enforced GRAFAB? pr

Vibration Isolation Bearings
Base Vibration Isolation Bearings are typically an adaption of the GRANOR? Elastomeric Bearing range, but typically square in plan.

GranorCell Closed Cell Neoprene Sponge Rubber
GRANORCELL Closed Cell Neoprene Sponge Rubber has many unusual applications where good weathering resistance together with predicable compression set characteristics are required. Frequently used between pre-cast concrete panels or in form

Elastomeric Bearings Steel Plate reinforced
Steel Plate reinforced Elastomeric Bearings are manufactured in a range of standard plan sizes. Moulds are adjustable in height, up to the limitation of stability for a given minimum plan size width of bearing. Special designs using either non standard pl

Pot Bearings
Granor?s Pot Type Structural Bearings are available in three standard configurations.

GRANOR Series B Structural Slide Bearings
GRANOR? Series ?B? Structural Slide Bearings utilise GRAFAB? being a Fabric Reinforced Elastomeric Pad as the basis of the design. By the addition of a GRAFLON? PTFE facing to the GRAFAB?, a sliding bearing can be produced.

Granor BGSU Uplift Slide Bearings

Granor BGSU slide bearings are designed to allow movement in one direction while restraining uplift. These sliding bearings are designed to be maintenance free and extremely durable. They are used extensively to support mining conveyor systems and other m

GRANOR Series D Structural Slide Bearings
The Series ?D? Structural Slide Bearings are a variation of the GRANOR? Series ?B? Type.

Granor Heavy Duty Slip Joint Series HDSJ
Granor? Heavy Duty Slipjoint - Series HDSJ is used for heavy line load applications requiring high rotation and/or high movement capacity. Typical applications have been on container wharves at the junction of the wharf with the slab on ground, and on da

Granor Spherical Bearings - Series SPH
Granor Spherical Bearings consist of a concave bearing plate, a convex mating plate, together with upper and lower attachment plates. Sliding surfaces consist of high load bearing low friction materials mated to highly polished stainless steel.

GRANOR Fluorogold Slide Bearings
GRANOR? Fluorogold? Slide Bearings are simple in concept, easy to fabricate, and easily adaptable for installation in accordance with customer?s requirements.

GRANOR DC-888 Silicon Sealant
GRANOR? DC-888 Silicon Sealant is typically used as an expansion joint filler between concrete faces where significant movement is anticipated.

GRANOR DC-890 Silicon Sealant
Applications for GRANOR? DC-890 Silicon Sealant include ? Concrete to Concrete ? Asphalt to Concrete and in particular, Asphalt to Asphalt applications, as typically found in bridge and road applications.

DC-902-RCS Two Part Silicon Joint Sealant
The ?DC-902-RCS? Rapid Cure Silicon Joint Sealant is a self leveling, cold applied, rapid cure, two part sealant, applied through a special purpose twin barrel application gun ? easy and quick to install, ultra low modulus, 100% silicone rubber sealant de

XJS Polymer Nosed Expansion Joint System
The SSI / GRANOR XJS? Expansion Joint System is a revolutionary new concept in expansion joint construction and rehabilitation, combining a tough, impact resistant wear resistant polymer joint nosing and a rapid two part cure joint sealing system with hig

Ausflex Series AC-AR Strip Seal Expansion Joint System
The GRANOR? AUSFLEX? AC-AR Expansion Joint System as manufactured in Australia by Granor, utilises a proven design of a structural aluminium seal retainer, a preloaded bolt cast-in fixing system, and the option of two styles of heavy duty elastomeric glan

Ausflex Series AC-CP Strip Seal Concrete Joint System
The Granor? Series ?AC-CP? expansion joint system is a heavy duty stripseal joint system designed for use in multi-level car park structures. As with the ?AC-AR? stripseal system the ?AC-CP? system also uses the concept of a M16 Grade 8.8 HSS bolt pre-loa

Ausflex Series ACB Strip Seal Deck Expansion Joint System
The Granor? Ausflex Series ?ACB? Stripseal Expansion Joint system is a derivative of the ?AC-AR? system designed specifically for non cast-in applications. Typically the ?ACB? joint has been detailed for use with flat plank beam simply supported bridge st

Ausflex Series P2 Strip Seal Aluminium Expansion Joints
The Granor? Series ?P2? Stripseal Expansion Joint is designed for light duty applications typically in walkways and pedestrian bridges. The Granor? ?P2? system can be used in conjunction with separately placed aluminium cover plates secured over the ?P2?

ETIC - Low Profile Strip Seal Expansion Joint Series EJ-LP
The Granor? ETIC? ?EJLP? Stripseal Expansion Joint is a ?low profile? system intended for applications where there are limitations as to available depth in the structure. This system like others in the Granor? Stripseal small movement expansion joint rang

FERMASEAL Series FE - Compression Seal
GRANOR FERMASEAL Series FE compression seals are extruded from a high quality EPDM Elastomer having extremely good resistance to both UV and ozone. Suitable for sealing applications, frequently vertical, between concrete, steel or aluminium faces. Careful selection of the most appropriate seal for the intended application is important as the small sizes have limited expansion capacity.

Ausflex Compression Seal Series EF, GC & WF
GRANOR Ausflex Compression Seals are manufactured by an extrusion process typically from a high quality Neoprene or EPDM elastomer, both materials providing a long life when exposed to the atmosphere, eg; UV and / or ozone. Correct installation is achieved by part compression of the seal, which together with the use of a lubricant / adhesive to aid installation, provides a watertight joint. Care must be exercised to ensure that in service the compression seal is never over compressed and never exceeds its designed retained pre-compression requirement at maximum joint opening.

WIZFLEX Compression Seal Series WZ
flex? is a patented Structural Joint Sealing System for Bridges, elevated highways, car parking structures, stadiums, tunnels and other engineering structures where a waterproof expansion joint is required.

FINSEAL Series GFS Acoustic Sealant
The GRANOR Finseal Series GFS is a patented design of an elastomeric extrusion typically from a long life EPDM, or coloured PVC, that can be used as an acoustic sealant between concrete panels such as noise walls along freeways.

Bridge Expansion Joints and Large Movement Expansion Joint Systems

Granor? has a comprehensive range of specialist Expansion Joints for large movements of up to 2000 mm.

GRANOR Serrated Baffle / Weatherstrip Seal
Granor manufactures and markets the Weatherstrip range - typically used between precast concrete facia panels on buildings and bridges etc. Their main purpose is to act as a wind, and wind driven rain barrier and hence the terminology ? Weatherstrip.