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Suite 1502, 530 Little Collins St.
Melbourne 3000 VIC
Ph: (03) 9909 7200
Fax: (03) 9909 7217
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About Cougar Energy Limited

Cougar is a publicly listed Australian company that trades on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) Industrials board under the code CXY. Prior to 16 February 2007, Cougar was called Pinnacle VRB Limited and had traded under ASX code PCE.


Power Industrial
Renewable Energy , Transmission & Distribution


energy, coal, australia, underground coal gasification, UCG, clean, clean coal, cleaner coal

Company Information

Key Managers:
Dr. Len Walker - Managing Director
Malcolm McAully - Non Executive Director
Dr Michael Dalling, AM - Non Executive Director

More News

Underground coal gasification (UCG)
Underground coal gasification (UCG) is the process by which coal is converted in situ into a combustible gas that can be used as a fuel or a chemical feedstock. UCG has the potential to exploit coal resources that are either uneconomic to work by conventional open cut or underground coal mining methods, or are inaccessible due to depth, geology or other mining

Vanadium Redox Battery
The Vanadium Redox Battery (VRB) is an electrochemical energy storage system (ESS) that enables electrical energy to be stored in or instantaneously recovered from a liquid electrolyte. The VRB is a reduction/oxidation (redox) flow battery that uses vanadium dissolved in dilute sulphuric acid as the electrolyte where energy is stored and a multi-cell assembly