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About CBI Constructors Pty Ltd

CB&I is a global engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) company specializing in lump-sum, turnkey projects for customers that produce, process, store and distribute the world's natural resources.


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Key Managers:
Mr Christian Desjardins - Director of Sales
Mr Ross Adame - Operations Manager

ABN:  90 000 612 411
Number of employees:  17000

More News

Project Profile – Hyperion Egg-Shaped Digesters (ESDT)
The City of Los Angeles, California, decided to provide secondary treatment of all wastewater discharged into its system. Meeting this ambitious objective required significant expansion of the Hyperion Treatment Plant in Playa Del Rey, California.

Waterspheroid® Elevated Tanks
CB&I developed the Waterspheroid® tank in 1954 as a larger-capacity alternative to our original Watersphere® tank. Today, the Waterspheroid is our most popular style of elevated water storage tank, providing reliable service to thousands of municipalities and industries.

Composite Elevated Tanks
Over the past two decades, we’ve built numerous Composite Elevated Tanks (CETs) across the United States. CETs combine the tensile strength of steel with the compressive characteristics of concrete. The result is a long-lasting water storage tank that’s cost effective to operate in larger sizes.

Standpipes and Reservoirs
Both reservoirs and standpipes are ground-level water storage tanks that can be built to virtually any capacity and dimension. Reservoirs have a greater diameter than height, and standpipes have a greater height than diameter.

Westminster Reservoirs
We have provided tens of thousands of reliable steel water storage tanks of various sizes and configurations across the United States. Our welded steel tanks have demonstrated their reliability and durability to municipalities for more than 100 years.

Shell Haven - Naphtha Minus Complex (NMC)
A Naphtha Minus Complex was constructed as an addition to the Shell Haven refinery in Essex , United Kingdom . The complex was built to enhance the refinery's ability to produce unleaded gasoline and to upgrade the quality of gasoline and lighter fractions produced by the refinery.

Crude Oil and Liquids Stabilization Plants
CB&I is a key provider of crude oil and liquids stabilization plants for the global refining industry. These plants effectively remove volatile light ends from liquid hydrocarbons so the stabilized streams can be safely stored or processed.

Atmospheric/Vacuum Distillation
CB&I supplies atmospheric and crude distillation units that accommodate a variety of processing requirements and feedstock characteristics. We can design and build units of any capacity and often use modular construction techniques to make assembly and installation more efficient.

Hydrotreaters and Hydrodesulfurization
CB&I has designed and built thousands of process units for the global refining industry covering more than half a century.

Catalytic Reformers and Continuous Catalyst Regenerators
CB&I is a leading engineering, procurement and construction services contractor for catalytic reformer projects. We've helped a number of major refiners expand their reforming capacity with new units or revamps of existing units.

Isomerization Units
CB&I designs and builds isomerization units for converting normal paraffins to higher-octane isoparaffins for refinery applications. We can process units of any capacity and design them to utilize any process technology available.

Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units
Our in-house fabrication, welding and heavy-lift capabilities allow us to deliver superior quality and safety, and our proven project management methods often translate in shorter schedules.

Baton Rouge FCC Unit Turnaround
Exxon retained CB&I to develop a construction plan for performing two fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) turnarounds at its Baton Rouge Refinery in Baton, Rouge, Louisiana.

El Segundo Fluid Catalytic Cracking Process Unit Upgrade
The El Segundo Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) Process Unit upgrade turnaround project increased the gasoline for the El Segundo refinery.

Saturate/Unsaturate Gas Plants
CB&I's saturate and unsaturate gas plants provide effective recovery and separation of hydrocarbon gases from refinery streams. We supply plants that utilize compression, absorption and/or distillation to meet refiners' vapor recovery specifications.

Hydrogen Plants
Our services for hydrogen plant projects typically include conceptual design, detailed engineering, procurement, fabrication, construction, start-up and operator training. We provide a lump-sum, turnkey solution, handling everything from concept to startup

Synthesis Gas Generation Plants
CB&I is a leading provider of synthesis gas (syngas) generation plants for refinery and petrochemical applications. Over the past 35 years, we've designed and built plants around the world that produce high-purity hydrogen and carbon monoxide streams.

Amine Plants
We've designed and built more than 35 amine units for major refiners around the world. Executing projects on a lump-sum, turnkey basis, we provide a full range of services that include feasibility and HAZOP studies…

Steam Methane Reformers
Steam methane reforming (SMR) is the most widely utilized technology for producing hydrogen and synthesis gas from natural gas feedstocks. Over the past 35 years, CB&I has built more than 170 SMR furnaces that produce high-purity gas streams for industrial applications.

Sour Water Stripping Units
CB&I supplies sour water stripping units for the removal of hydrogen sulfide and ammonia from refinery wastewater. Around the world, we have designed and built more than 30 sour water stripping units with capacities of 32 to 925 gallons per minute.

Gas-to-Liquids Plants
We have the in-house expertise to take any proprietary GTL technology from the conceptual stage through the construction phase. We've performed feasibility studies for more than 200 GTL plant configurations and provided engineering, procurement and construction services for a successful demonstration plant.

CB&I has designed and managed some of the world's largest onshore and offshore pipeline projects. With a half-century of pipeline experience to our credit, we've earned respect for our ability to deliver successful pipeline projects even in the most challenging locations.

Bellanaboy Bridge Terminal
CB&I was retained to provide front-end engineering design (FEED) services for Enterprise Energy Ireland's onshore gas terminal at Bellanaboy Bridge, County Mayo, Ireland.

Import/Export Terminals
CB&I offers design and construction services for import and export terminals that handle a wide variety of liquid products,

North Bontang, Indonesia Ammonia Export Terminal
The Indonesia ammonia export terminal in North Bontang was a turnkey engineering, procurement, and construction project for P.T. Kaltim Pasifik Amoniak.

Crude Oil Terminal Expansion
Faced with growing crude oil transshipping demands, Statia Terminals N.V. decided to expand its storage and transfer capabilities at the St. Eustatius terminal in the Netherlands Antilles.

Petrochemical Storage and Process Vessels
J.G. Summit Petrochemical Corp. selected CB&I to design and build cryogenic and atmospheric storage vessels for a petrochemical complex in Simlong, Batangas City, Philippines.

LNG Peak Shaving Facilities
CB&I has been a leading provider of engineering, procurement and construction services for LNG facilities for four decades. With increasing worldwide demand for clean sources of power, a fast growing segment of our business is constructing peak shaving plants.

AES LNG Import Terminal
AES Corporation selected CB&I to provide lump-sum, turnkey engineering, procurement and construction services for the Dominican Republic’s first liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal.

LNG Export Terminals
CB&I has been involved in the design and construction of terminal facilities for exporting LNG for more than two decades. As demand for liquefied gas soars, we continue to play a key role in expanding the world's production capacity.

Offshore LNG Import Terminals
Energy companies are seeking viable offshore solutions for importing liquefied natural gas (LNG) in order to meet growing demand for this clean-burning fuel. At CB&I, we've drawn upon our vast LNG and offshore design and construction experience to develop innovative and reliable solutions for the gas industry.

LPG Terminals
CB&I provides single-source design and construction of terminals for importing, exporting and storing liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

Argentina Propane/Butane Export Terminal
The Argentina propane/butane export terminal at Puerto Galvan, Bahia Blanca provided Transportadora de Gas del Sur (TGS) an economical way to export refrigerated liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) by ship.

Flat-Bottom Tanks for Low Temperature and Cryogenic Storage
CB&I has designed and built refrigerated and cryogenic storage systems for liquefied gases for nearly 50 years. Over the years, we've delivered nearly 1,000 refrigerated storage tanks and spheres and more than 150 turnkey design-build liquefied gas storage terminals around the globe.

Marine Jetties & Offshore Loading Systems
CB&I offers a single-point solution for the construction of marine jetties, offshore loading systems and associated facilities for the import/export of oil and gas products. Using proven project management methods and controls, we're known for delivering even the largest and most challenging projects on time and within budget.

Offshore Substructures
CB&I's expertise in designing and building offshore substructures (jackets) is known the world over. Over the past 15 years, we've designed more than 50 jackets ranging in weight from 150 tons to 19,500 tons for some of the world's largest oil and gas companies.

Semi-Submersible/Tension-Leg Platforms
CB&I is a leading designer of semi-submersible and tension-leg platforms, with more than 130 units in service worldwide. For more than 30 years, our floating oil and gas platforms have provided safe and reliable operation even in the most challenging environments.

Platform Topsides
CB&I is a leading designer of topsides and processing equipment for offshore oil and gas platforms. Over the years we have designed more than 40 platform topsides ranging in weight from 500 to 30,000 tons.

Subsea Production Systems
For more than half a century, CB&I has provided design and construction management services for hundreds of pipeline projects around the world. Our experience includes cross-country and subsea pipelines to transport crude oil, natural gas, LPG, LNG and a variety of other products.

Gas Turbines
Gas turbines are the predominant technology for new electric power plants; they are clean burning, fuel efficient and increasingly cost effective. CB&I has provided mechanical erection services for gas turbine projects for more than 15 years.

Heat Recovery Steam Generators
Heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs) are vital components of combined-cycle power plants; they convert exhaust heat into steam that is used to power the turbines. An HRSG installation is a major undertaking, requiring extensive expertise in welding, rigging, heavy lifting and other construction disciplines.

Flue Gas Desulfurization
CB&I's experience with flue gas desulfurization (FGD) systems goes back nearly two decades. We've participated in FGD projects in North America, South America, Africa and Europe.

Absorber Vessels
CB&I has provided superior steel and alloy absorber vessels to the power generation industry for nearly two decades. These large towers process exhaust gases from flue gas desulfurization plants, producing compounds that can be safely disposed of or used for commercial applications.

Wind Turbines
Wind energy is one of the world's fastest growing power generation technologies, offering a clean, renewable source of electricity that is becoming increasingly economical. CB&I has proven experience in designing and building support structures for wind turbines.

Nuclear Repairs & Modifications/Containment Vessels
Nuclear power accounts for just under 20 percent of the world's electricity. Faced with growing demand for clean, affordable sources of energy, the power industry requires safe and cost-effective ways to extend the life of existing nuclear plants.

Penstocks, Scroll Cases and Bifurcations
CB&I is one of a few companies to offer a true EPC solution for penstocks, scroll cases and bifurcations. We have the in-house resources to design, fabricate and install these massive steel structures, which feed water from rivers and other waterways to hydroelectric plants.

Process/Acid Tanks and Acid/Caustic Storage
CB&I designs and builds high-quality storage and process tanks for refiners of gold, nickel, alumina and other metals and minerals. Our ability to execute projects virtually anywhere and our unrivaled technical expertise have made us a leading provider of tanks for the metals and mining industry.

We provide structural engineering, procurement, fabrication and construction services for precipitator projects. Over the past several decades, we've successfully executed projects ranging in scope from a single precipitator to as many as 19 units in Australia, Jamaica, South America and other top alumina-producing regions

Blast Furnaces
CB&I has built high-performance blast furnaces for some of the world's largest steel makers. For several decades, we've supplied furnaces that utilize proven technologies to safely and efficiently convert iron oxides into hot metal.

Alumina Storage
CB&I is the world's foremost provider of silos for storing alumina, a bauxite derivative used in aluminum smelting. We've built storage silos with capacities of more than 50,000 tons for the industry's leading refiners.

ClariCone™ Clarifiers and FiltraCone™
CB&I is the original provider of the ClariCone™ solids contact clarifier for potable water and wastewater treatment. CB&I's experience and know-how is unparalleled with well over 300 ClariCone™ installations on a variety of applications, treating in excess of 700 million gallons per day.

Project Profile – World's Largest ClariCones™
The City of Albany, Georgia, receives the majority of its water from wells. A study found that surface water entering the wells caused water clarity to fluctuate, making it difficult for the city's water treatment plant to meet tightening regulatory limits.

ESD™ Egg-Shaped Digesters
CB&I began offering ESD™ Egg-Shaped Digester systems in 1989, and we’ve made a number of advancements over the years. We introduced the use of steel instead of concrete for ESD construction, making construction faster and more economical.