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35A Deakin Ave
Mildura 3500 VIC
Ph: (03) 5021 0744
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About Arumpo Bentonite Pty Ltd

Arumpo Bentonite Pty Ltd is a world class Bentonite deposit with indicated reserves of 70 million tonnes.


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Bentonite Products - Pet Litter
Arumpo Bentonite is successfully used as a premium grade pet litter. Due to its strong ability to absorb the pet effluent and form a discreet clump it allows for trouble-free disposal of the product, which is also safe for the environment.

Bentonite Products - Stockfeed
Arumpo Stockfeed Bentonite is registered by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority as a veterinary therapeutic product: allowing improved adaptation to high concentrate diets and assists in the prevention of acidosis in sheep and cattle. It also guards against the affect on aflotoxins in contaminated grain inadvertaently fed to stock.

Bentonite Products - Engineering
Arumpo bentonite has been successfully employed in civil engineering structures where the native soils are highly permeable and an impermeable barrier is required.

Bentonite Products - Absorbents
Arumpo Bentonite is ideal as an absorbent and has found many uses in both industry and the home from large industrial spillages to absorbing fats and oils under the backyard barbeque

Bentonite Products - Farm Dam Sealing
Arumpo Bentonite is successfully employed as a sealant for earthern dams and structures. This is achieved by admixing the bentonite to the native soils with farm equipment.

Bentonite Products -
Arumpo Bentonite is a naturally occurring sodium bentonite. It possesses natural absorbency, water retention and soil binding properties leading to improved fertility of soils and the prevention of wash-out of fertilisers.